What We Do


VIKSAT identified the lack of interactions as a major bottleneck among individuals and organizations involved in environmental protection. Hence, VIKSAT articulates its mission as promoting and strengthening people's institutions through interactions in natural resource management, for an equitable, gender-sensitive, sustainable development.

Through its various programs and projects, it strives to achieve its mission by
•Evolve innovative participatory NRM strategies for dissemination and scaling up
•Work towards decisive participation of the communities, especially women, and community organizations' policy forums. 
•Strive for developing appropriate and enabling legal and policy frameworks. 
•Facilitate technology and information access and transfer in NRM
•Network with Government Organisations, Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) and Pls and other technical institutions for the above 

•Promote and Strengthen People’s Institutions (PIs) for sustainable development through natural resource management (NRM)