Institution and Capacity Building

Strong institutions and effective capacity building are fundamental to sustainable development. VIKSAT focuses on the formation, nurturing, and strengthening of institutions such as Self-Help Groups, Village Organizations, Federations, Farmer Producer Companies, Farmers Clubs, Village Development Committees, Village Watershed Committees, Cooperatives/Societies, Van Mandli, Pani Samithi, Dairy, etc., at various levels while building the skills and capacities of individuals and communities to implement programs and drive positive change. We provide technical guidance and support to these institutions, helping them function independently with minimal external assistance.

Additionally, we offer training programs, workshops, and knowledge-sharing initiatives that enhance skills, knowledge, and capabilities. Our capacity-building efforts span a wide range of areas, including leadership, decision-making, financial management, networking, and entrepreneurship. By equipping individuals with the necessary skills and knowledge, we strive to promote self -reliance and active participation in Natural Resource Management. 

Major Projects undertaken by VIKSAT in the areas of Institution and Capacity Building are as follows:-  

  • Implemented “Capacity Building for Sustainable Agriculture in Aspirational Districts as a knowledge partner with ITC and NITI Aayog in 27 Aspirational Districts from the 8 states of India by preparing IEC material in multiple languages and imparting training to 753299 farmers on the package of practices of major corps in the year 2018-2021.
  •  Implemented Multipurpose Agriculture Resource Centre for Holistic Development (MARCH) project in the Khedbrahma Block of Sabarkantha District by covering more than 4000 HHs with the support of John Deere foundation, USA and United Way Mumbai in the year 2012-18.
  •  Promoted Farmer Producer Organisations in Gujarat with the support of NABARD in the year 2015-18. (The FPOs are receiving continuous handholding support and guidance from VIKSAT)   
  •  Implemented Cluster Development project ‘Mission 2020’ for brining 6000 HHs irreversibly out of poverty with enhanced quality of life and life choices in Khedbrahma Block of Sabarkantha District, Gujarat under the Central India Initiatives with the support of Tata Trusts, BRLF and CInI in 25 villages by covering more than 6000 HHs in the  year 2015-2020.
  • Implemented Loan based programme of ‘Financing Agricultural Sustainability and Allied Livelihood (FASAL) (aimed to deliver financial services to poor rural people specifically for NRM based livelihood activities) under NABARD’s Umbrella programme for Natural Resource Management (UPNRM) in five project field areas in 83 villages covering 8 Blocks and 2669 beneficiaries with the support of NABARD in the year 2012-16.