Development and protection of forest along with deriving economic benefits for the stakeholders in a sustainable manner has been one of the key areas of intervention for VIKSAT particularly in tribal areas. Activities like JFM, afforestation programme, social forestry, grassland development, nursery development etc, have been the means to address the same. The activities are carried out keeping ...

Land & Water

Watershed development is an important approach to improve the social and economic conditions of people living in resource starved semiarid regions covering approximately two-thirds of the country’s agricultural land. In addition to achieving biophysical objectives, contemporary watershed aims to promote the livelihoods of rural people, especially the poor and disadvantaged.

Sustainable Livelihood

VIKSAT has taken up a new project titled “Promoting Sustainable Natural Resource Management through People’s Institutions” under larger “Umbrella Programme for Natural Resource Management” (UPNRM) being executed by NABARD. The programme aims to develop alternative financing solutions and to institutionalize community-based public private partnership (PPP) approaches for the natural ...

Institution & Capacity

VIKSAT strongly believes that development of People’s Institutions is essential for the sustainability of any programme and the same reflects in its efforts under every programme and so in NRM or livelihood activities too. VIKSAT has thus been promoting and supporting a number of PIs in 4 regions of Gujarat. With continuous efforts for the capacity building of these institutions, they have acquired the...